Social Adaptation

Raw Footage
As social media platforms become more of a popular medium for viewing skating, it's important to adapt the delivery to offer a different experience than the full-length video cut to music on Youtube. In the vertical format, you are able to cut closer in and get more of an intimate experience. To close deeper in on that, I stripped away the music and lifted the original skate audio even louder. Also letting the trimming of the raw footage play out longer gives you a sense of the environment, letting the viewer emerge into their world. On top of the raw footage, I added some textures and graphics to offer more of the personality of the skater to carry through. Capitalizing on their style, and New York's gritty aesthetic. 
raw edit, vertical crops, design,  quick loops, transitions/fx
Camera - Sean Grosman
Assistant camera - Oli De Tomas
Logo design - Jacob Moller
Quick Loops
Opposite of the raw footage edits, quick loops offer a different viewing experience. This looping format embellishes the main movement of the skater, trimming away everything else. The viewer can study the maneuver, and get lost in the rhythm. 
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