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Tweaking The Universe

A Match

I'll Find You

Animated illustrations that focus on the composition of the illustrations. In a day where media is exploding and flying through scenes... sometimes it's nice to stay still and watch some subtle animation and enjoy the simplicity of composition and good artwork.
concept,  motion design
illustrations by @camilo.m3dina of @divinonino. 🎶 Check em out. 
Last Spa On Earth
Animated album cover for Divino Niño's 2022 album, LSE. The animation was created for Apple Music Store, and for the band's youtube. 
Animation, versioning
Illustration by Camillo Medina
Made up my mind
Animated album art for Divino Niño's singles "Made Up My Mind". A very subtle animation treatment to serve as a visualizer. You probably won't notice too many moving elements, but if you skip ahead you'll notice a jump in the clouds, the orb on the raindrop, the hoodie's fabric positioning... 
design/illustration: Camilo Medina
Divino Niño - Melty Caramelo
"Melty Caramelo" is taken from Divino Niño's new album 'Foam'
illustration: Camilo Medina
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