I designed a full identity package for an artist collective / production company.
Roles: Website Design, Art Direction for Logo, Animated Bumpers / Banners, Video Production,  Business Cards, Posters…
Logo-Motion: 1 of 10
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The hystk website automatically selects one of 8 bumpers and plays them at the end of a portfolio video. The art direction was to use the same simple shaped stencil, but with different events taking place inside of them. That way we use the basic form to get across our brand, and we use different fillers to keep our branding fresh and unique. This system can grow as big as it wants. The animations are done by taking video or stop motion of physical real life animations that happen within the stencil. I utilized materials and toys that kids would play with: stencils, snow, clay, sand, magnets...
Roles: concept, kinetic motion design, producer, director, editor, and sound design
Comapany Reel
business cards
spot UV (gloss on matte)
Our director chose the name Have You Seen These Kids? for the collective's title.  Seemingly creepy and narcissistic. However I think I played along with the name pretty good with this design. By putting our selves on the cards. And putting "Have you seen these kids?" over our faces, definitely adds the creepy tone. The text is a spot UV clear coat that you cannot see at first glance until you rotate the cards and see the shimmer. People love getting old child hood photos. 
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