Studio Launch

home screen loop

This project was my biggest achievement while at Peloton. I was brought on late to help problem solve and ended up coming up with a concept and directing the motor control scenes/spfx. The Problem: How do we shoot to showcase the studio while it's still under construction/rehearsal classes are in session/2 for separate photo shoots. Because of the construction, we would have to hide a great portion of the studio, my mind went to the idea of light leading through the dark revealing glimpses of the studio, to serve as a studio teaser. When we showed up to the studio to location scout we were surprised by the LED light strips lining the entire building's interior. The pipe lighting was the answer. These light strips would serve as the vehicle that would lead the viewer through the studio halls to start a class. 
Rolesconcept, co-director, storyboard assistance, motion design, tracking, compositing. 
Diana Chao: co-director, casting director
Eddie Cunha: storyboard artist
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